World outside my window


Real live people watching is my favorite thing, it’s better than Facebook as far as I am concerned :) Luckily I live on a busy block. With three salons, a preschool, a few teeny restaurants, and about a thousand dog walkers, there’s always something to look at. I especially love the building right across the street that has a bright turquoise fire escape where people smoke, get some air, and talk on the phone.

I think Alex has picked up the people watching gene. When she gets up in the morning, she runs to the window and calls out everything she sees. Then she looks for her ‘friend’. There’s a very busy flooring company across the street and the same man is always there, loading and unloading the trucks all day long. Every morning without fail, he looks up and waves to her, then she gets shy and runs away. Who says New Yorkers aren’t friendly? One day we’ll have to go down and properly introduce ourselves!

8 Responses to “World outside my window”

  1. Julie says:

    Such a pretty painting and cute story about your daughter! I love when strangers are cute haha :)

  2. Papa says:

    And dating

  3. Meghan Burke says:

    I love this image with all the little “worlds” within the building. My daughter loves the garbage men. We wave and they wave and she yells, “Hi man working!” I love little ones’ wonder with things we might not take notice of.

  4. Always charmed by your illustrations. Love the turquoise fire escape and your magical post. A special on Yves St. Laurent on the Sundance channel I dvr’d and I watched tonight suggested to me that the french probably invented people watching with their outdoor cafes.

  5. Linda says:

    How sweet of Alex to be so engaged in her morning routine. Better than running first to the television! :-)

    I have always met very friendly people in NYC. Even the ones who begin with their best rough New Yorker gruff will warm up if you “stay in it” and keep smiling.

    Happy Fall!

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