Wardrobe Issues

Last summer while pregnant, I wore long flowy dresses every day. The summer before that (and EVERY summer before that), short little patterned dresses. I mean, what’s easier than throwing a dress on?? Nothing I tell you! There is no thought involved. This summer however, is different. When I am not rolling around on the floor at Appleseeds, I am bending over to pick things up that Alex dropped on the floor, crawling after her up the stairs, or just getting down to her level for a smooch.

It’s time for shorts, I’m afraid. I loathe shorts. Always have. But now I am in the market for them. Not lacy tap pants from Zara (which are sooo adorable), but something slightly longer. The other day, I was in a store that some might describe as tween, and I saw some hole-y denim rolled up cut offs that were the perfect length. I had been thinking about going back to get them ever since. Until I saw this chic mom.¬†Ugh. This one would surely never be caught dead in cut offs. What to do? Maybe white denim would be more simple, elegant. Or highly unflattering. Will try some on and report back. Until then, I will be wearing my ¬†jeans in the sweltering heat.


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  1. I LOATHE pants and shorts as well. In fact, I don’t own a single pair of jeans. It’s dresses and skirts all day every day year round for me!
    Check out this website for deliciously vintage dresses that are completely customizable for no extra fees: eshakti.com. I just received one of the skirts I ordered and it fits like a dream!
    I know, not very helpful to your current dilemma but do divert yourself!

  2. Jess Moore says:

    I also have this problem and I found that J.Crew was the best choice for shorts with a clean, sophisticated silhouette. They offer shorts in a zillion colors at varying lengths. I just bought a blue pair with little white florets that are the perfect length – not too short but not too long. When you find the right pair I’m sure you’ll love them!

  3. Raychel says:

    J. Crew has great Chino shorts…they come in all sorts of colors and they have different lengths, all of which are oh so chic. I have a few pairs and I wear them all the time in the summer. They can easily be dressed up or down. I get mine at the outlet, which is much cheaper than the regular store. You should see if there is one in your area.
    As for lounging around the house shorts, I love my Nike shorts! They’re comfy and make me look like I’m athletic!

  4. Brianne says:

    I love denim cut-offs and think you can def chicify them ;)

  5. caitlin says:

    Thanks ladies. Think I’ll go shopping tomorrow!!

  6. Linda says:

    Caitlin – I agree about hating shorts, dresses and skirts are much more flattering. Maybe add one or two “skorts” check out http://www.athleta.com/ they have a large variety and not as “butch” as Title Nine (did I type that?).

    And then just the tailored style long or short (cause your young) but with a trouser leg flair that will be perfect dressed up with a heel or down with tennis shoes.

    Of course those denim ones over your bikini bottoms at the beach (ONLY) would be fun to have (cause your young)! :-)


  7. emily says:

    Such cute paintings, once again. I love the flag! I’m a dress person too. I think this has to do with my build as shorts/pants aren’t quite as comfortable as cotton dresses. Whatever you wear, playing in the grass with Alex is what really counts, esp as these days are so fleeting! Enjoy summer!

  8. I am right there with ya- I loathe shorts! They are so unflattering on me. Good luck in your search for a good pair! I think white or holey denim ones would look great.

  9. marni says:

    such a summer dilemma, i love skirts myself but it’s hard with a tot in tow to make sure you aren’t revealing too much.
    maybe a skort? do they even make those anymore? hmmm.

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