So many things to write about….

It’s been a crazy few weeks- lots of fun and exciting work-which means less blog time. There are so many things I want to write about, and so little time! I do still take long walks with Alex and take photos in my head of things to paint later. For example, people who look exactly like their dogs, weird sea urchin-y plants outside of a Japanese restaurant on Varick Street, my favorite subject Hamish in front of Citarella wearing bright blue loafers and a deep green coat, the empire state building popping up over Sullivan Street….can’t you just see the paintings now?! They are all there in my head waiting to be painted. Hopefully I’ll get to it.  In the meantime, I saw someone wearing these shoes with green jeans, it looked adorable, so here is a quick sketch.

7 Responses to “So many things to write about….”

  1. emily says:

    How cute — and such a reminder Spring will be on the way soon! Your illustrations are such day brighteners, Caitlin — thanks for that.

  2. Shawnte says:

    That is so cute! Green is my favorite color of all time so anything green, I jump up and point out xD! Very nice painting.

  3. ana b says:

    Goodness! I found one of your watercolours on tumblr and this led me to your site. Just wanted to say you watercolours are so wonderful. I love this medium. I really wanted to buy the Red Room but saw it had sold out. It reminded me of Matisse’s works so much. Will definitely come back to visit often :)

  4. karlita says:

    I can totally picture every scene you mentioned… those “cafe capri pants” with those leopard loafers make me want to run to the shops

  5. Sari says:

    just got back from london & did the same thing! hope I have time to paint it all

  6. marni says:

    love this and all your new ideas for painting! i just saw a woman yesterday holding her dog and i thought wow, i hope i don’t end up looking
    like mine, ha!

  7. I love these leopard watercolor shoes! You are so talented.

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