Gone Swimming

August 17th, 2012

We are going on vacation today! To my parent’s beach house in Bay Head. Excited to ride some rusty old bikes, stand in line at the bakery, and take Alex to the beach. This will be her second year there, but of course last year she was too little to play. This year we’re going to build sandcastles, eat ice cream, and put her little feet in the ocean. And try to avoid a sand eating situation.


August 14th, 2012

I am officially pinning and though I am late to the party….I am obsessed! I put up some new art as well as tons of my inspiration- so if you would be so kind…go and check it out! http://pinterest.com/caitlinmcgauley/

Art Supplies

August 3rd, 2012

The emails I get most often ask about one of two things: how I became a full time artist and what kind of art supplies I use. I love answering both, but the former will require a whopper of a post which I will save for another day. I want to talk supplies first!  The quality of the supplies you use is soooo important.

The most important thing of all is paper. Cold Press 140 lb arches to be exact! I buy these watercolor blocks from dickblick.com. It is sort of pricey but it is so worth it. When I paint on other papers, it seriously looks like mush.



Sometimes I want it to look like mush though! So then I use Hot Press paper, which is super smooth. Ala this 40″x60″ dots painting I did this week. HOWEVER, this is just me- I know a world renowned botanical painter who uses hot press and gets the detail-iest detail ever. One thing is universal though- you will probably get a better result on the nice French paper, so practice on that huge pad of paper thin cheap paper, and do the real thing on the arches!



I am just as much a paint snob as I am a paper snob. It is so so so so so important to have good paint. I use Winsor and Newton out of the tubes. I always have burnt sienna and ultramarine blue on hand. I use those two colors in almost everything I do, so they are always on hand.

I also have a love affair with Dr. PH Martins.. The colors are so brilliant. You have to get the “Transparent Watercolors”, not the “Concentrated”. The concentrated just stick to the page and don’t move. These colors are like candy, I especially looooove deep red rose.

One thing I don’t splurge on is brushes and palettes. I can’t even tell you what brand I use. I use cheap plastic palettes and I use natural or synthetic brushes, makes no difference to me. The brushes just can’t be too soft. It’s impossible for me to buy them online without touching them though. So I spend lots of time in art store aisles, just getting a feel for all of the brushes. My idea of heaven is spending an afternoon in Pearl Paint, just picking out brushes and paint. When I was an intern at Diane Von Furstenberg living in the NYU dorms, I would indulge in this one a week. I didn’t work on Mondays, so every Monday I would walk all the way down Broadway to Canal Street, spend some time in Pearl Paint, then swing back up Lafayette and stop in a Chinese bakery along the way for a bubble tea. I don’t get much time to do this any more. Think I will make a point of doing it at least once a year from now on!

NY Diet

July 20th, 2012

I look forward to reading the New York Diet on nymag.com every Friday. I know, nerd alert! Why is it so fascinating to see what people eat?  Anyway, I would be the happiest clam if I ever got to do one. Or even illustrate someone else’s!! A recent gem was Ottavia Bourdain, wife of Anthony- my favorite person on earth (favorite person on earth that I don’t actually know, I mean). Also, Christina Tosi from Momofuku Milk Bar, who pretty much embodies my dream life- sugar ALL. DAY. LONG. Love her!

New Prints!!

July 10th, 2012

New prints (including “Rose”!) are here!! Please stop by the shop!

Wardrobe Issues

June 11th, 2012

Last summer while pregnant, I wore long flowy dresses every day. The summer before that (and EVERY summer before that), short little patterned dresses. I mean, what’s easier than throwing a dress on?? Nothing I tell you! There is no thought involved. This summer however, is different. When I am not rolling around on the floor at Appleseeds, I am bending over to pick things up that Alex dropped on the floor, crawling after her up the stairs, or just getting down to her level for a smooch.

It’s time for shorts, I’m afraid. I loathe shorts. Always have. But now I am in the market for them. Not lacy tap pants from Zara (which are sooo adorable), but something slightly longer. The other day, I was in a store that some might describe as tween, and I saw some hole-y denim rolled up cut offs that were the perfect length. I had been thinking about going back to get them ever since. Until I saw this chic mom. Ugh. This one would surely never be caught dead in cut offs. What to do? Maybe white denim would be more simple, elegant. Or highly unflattering. Will try some on and report back. Until then, I will be wearing my  jeans in the sweltering heat.


Lonny Love

June 10th, 2012

Ohhhhh how much do I love Lonny this month????!! There are no words. There’s my little flag. I was particularly smitten with John Dransfield and Geoffery Ross’s home. What style!  When I worked at Ralph Lauren I was fortunate enough to visit their design studio/factory. Imagine having a team of seamstresses just ready to whip up whatever pops into your head. What a dream.

Today I will be playing in the grass with Alex and coming inside every now and then to go through the issue. Is that a perfect Sunday or what.

It’s officially Summer!

May 25th, 2012

I had my first summertime bottle of sparkling Rose last weekend with Kyla, which means the season has officially begun, and now that it is Memorial Day Weekend, it has OFFICIALLY officially begun! Enjoy your weekend!

UPDATE: My brother is a veteran and he reminded me that this holiday has far more significance than a bottle of wine and a day off of work. So, today I am thinking about the men and women who gave all for our freedom, and how lucky we are.

Neighborhood Characters

May 17th, 2012

I see this gentleman working it on a daily basis. When someone asks him for a picture, he strikes a pose and says he is Lady Gaga’s grandmother. Here he is with his morning coffee from the deli.

Tom and Thom

April 11th, 2012

There are a million reasons to love NYC right now, including the yellow tulips in full bloom on Park Avenue, and the cherry blossoms on my favorite block (10th Street between Fifth and Sixth) that seem like they’re so heavy the tree could just collapse. But I think the pleasure of perusing the soap aisle at Rite Aid with Tom Colicchio, then riding the elevator with Thom Filicia at ABC Home in the same day takes the cake. I mean, where else could that happen? Love this place.