New Prints! (and a note about the old ones)

June 5th, 2013

New prints are here in the shop!  I wanted to do something with coral-y orange, black, and a yellowy-green. I also wanted to use Greek pottery somehow, which is kind of where everything started. Another thing I was looking at was all that 80’s chintz with the black ground color. So…this is how it all came together!

On a side note, I’ve been getting lots of emails about purchasing past prints (I’m so sorry that with everything that’s been going on lately, it’s difficult for me to answer individually…!) Unfortunately, all the prints from the past were limited editions and have sold out, so will not be restocked. Going forward, I plan on doing larger editions so they don’t sell out as quickly!!

Instagram, y’all

June 4th, 2013


I’m on Instagram and obviously, I am obsessed with it like the rest of the world. So follow me! It will be a little of the everyday, a little inspiration, a little of everything.


May 6th, 2013

So thrilled to be featured alongside Laduree macarons, Hermes Cuffs, and Charlotte Olympia in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal Off Duty section! Click here for the slideshow.

Hello there

May 3rd, 2013

Hello! In addition to wrapping up projects and working on long term ones, here’s what I have been up to lately. Welcome to the world James Hiro! I can’t believe I have two little munchkins. Feeling very blessed!


April 14th, 2013

I fell in love love love with this fabric on Wayne Pate’s blog. So I was inspired to paint my own garden. I have been playing around with this concept of a million different kinds of spotted flowers and birds and fish and statues for a long time, and when I saw the fabric it clicked.


April 3rd, 2013

I sort of thought that with 3 weeks until my due date I would be lolling about in a caftan, intermittently drinking green tea in bed with a hair mask on and catching up on Girls. I also thought I would cancel the babysitter and just build legos with Alex all day.


Seems that I have a about 5 projects going. Which has actually been great, since it takes my mind off the chaos that will ensue when there are not one, but two babes here. Don’t get me wrong, I welcome and embrace this chaos. Just best to not focus on ‘how will the nap schedules work?’ ‘who will make breakfast in the morning?’ or ‘how do people have more than one child?’ and so on and so forth.  Thankfully there are many people in my life who tell me ‘it will all get done’. And they are so right, I tell myself, when I have my afternoon burst of energy. I am still telling myself that when I am drifting off to sleep at 8:30 pm. Thankfully, The Bachelor season has ended so I don’t have to force myself to stay awake past then.

Try, Try Again

March 20th, 2013

I had the opportunity to speak to a freshman painting studio at School of Visual Arts last week, which is taught by the amazing artist Maura Sheehan (click here to see some of her work).

I had the best time, it was a great group of people, and it made me so nostalgic for art school! I always say that if I could do anything for the rest of my life, I would just go to art school and hang in the painting studio all day. Of course when I told the students this, they looked at me like I was crazy, since they are so ready just to start their lives and careers, as I was too back then.

I just wanted to tell them about all the different things they could do as artists. When I was a student, I was like…what am I going to do when I graduate?? But there are so many things you can do…fashion…textiles…graphic design…product design…basically I told them that the world is their oyster! They were great, and I would love to do this again sometime.

I also talked to them about perseverance, which happens to be something I am dealing with right now! Sometimes you spend a day painting and nothing comes out right and you say to yourself, ‘well that was a waste of a day’. This aspect of being an artist never changes, whether you’re a student or you’ve been painting forever. You always want to rework things and nothing ever seems finished. I worked on this yesterday and I was like…damn! I should have given her a jade green clutch! A jade green clutch would MAKE this. So then I tried painting her again and the face was just wrong, wrong, wrong. So I think I will try again today to get her right, inspired by what I told the students!



New Prints and the trays are at Furbish!

March 13th, 2013

Furbish is doing a pop up shop of my work right NOW!! Please click here to see 2 new prints as well as my trays!

A colorful interior:

And a wedding donkey!



February 27th, 2013

Only 2 more days left in February, folks. Counting down to tulips and Cadbury creme eggs and baby boy.

Scandinavian Blonde

February 18th, 2013

Can we talk about hair for a minute? Blonde hair specifically. I have been to a thousand salons, declared my devotion for each and every one, then gotten too comfortable and burned one too many times. Isn’t that how it always goes? Highlights are a slippery slope. I was coerced into getting just a few during my first couple of years at Syracuse, and by the time I graduated, I was a full on, all over, one dimensional blonde (and I was tan. in the winter. in Syracuse, NY. crazy lady.) I’ve since taken it down a notch, but never underestimate how addictive blonde hair can be.

Recently I was burned once again, by asking for ‘golden’ blonde, and coming out ‘orange’ blonde. So I am trying another place. I’ve made my appointment way in advance (usually I am looking in the mirror freaking out and trying to get an appointment for THAT DAY.) Then I read this which made me think…enough with the golden American blonde…I have been asking for the wrong thing all along! I need Scandinavian blonde! The holy grail of champagne-y blondness. I will ask for Scandinavian blondness. So that’s my plan.

I’ve officially exposed myself for the hair-obsessive I am. But, I have friends who for blow outs twice a week and others who traverse various NYC boroughs to hunt down the secret curly hair place. So at least I know I am not alone!