One Fifth

One Fifth was the last Collection I worked on as a Home Collection designer for Ralph Lauren (sniffle!) I was also lucky enough to paint the girl who hangs in the gold frame on the bookshelf. I used sumi ink. That’s what I use when I do portraits at events, too.

4 Responses to “One Fifth”

  1. amourette says:

    I love the use of black in the room – and the drawing too! Gorgeous

  2. jacqui says:

    hi caitlyn – congrats on the baby :-) you are probably quite busy – and not painting much – but a thought… paint the peacock who escaped the central park zoo & hung out at a fancy 5th ave building (lots of photos online of him just roosting in the window – too cute!) if such an image appeared in your shop, I would be compelled to buy :-)

  3. Cecilia says:

    That is beautiful!

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