Omar’s Art, from concept to installation

Omar is a GORGEOUS new restaurant in the West Village designed by BHDM. My loveliest and most talented friend Dan Mazzarini (of BHDM fame) sent me the inspiration and overview of the restaurant and asked that I come up with some artwork ideas. So after some sketching, here’s what I did!

Grecian Face

Grecian Pots

Then Dan instagrammed (@danmazzarini) some photos from the framers (and texted them to me on the day I had James…he was all ‘look at your paintings at the framers!’ and I was all ‘look at this baby!’)

And here is the install:

I think it came together quite nicely!! Read more about it here.

6 Responses to “Omar’s Art, from concept to installation”

  1. Wayne Pate says:

    Bravo Caitlin! These are truly wonderful, you are a master of watercolor I must say! Now if I could only get an invite to Omar’s so I can see them in person! WP

  2. annechovie says:

    Amazing and perfect for the space. Congratulations on the install and your Baby James!

  3. jo says:

    Oh these are fabulous! Congratulations on creating such effortless style and impact. Super x

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