It’s officially Summer!

I had my first summertime bottle of sparkling Rose last weekend with Kyla, which means the season has officially begun, and now that it is Memorial Day Weekend, it has OFFICIALLY officially begun! Enjoy your weekend!

UPDATE: My brother is a veteran and he reminded me that this holiday has far more significance than a bottle of wine and a day off of work. So, today I am thinking about the men and women who gave all for our freedom, and how lucky we are.

17 Responses to “It’s officially Summer!”

  1. Meredith says:

    I love this!!!!!! Is it sold out??

  2. Celina Branton says:

    Where do I view your watercolors and this latest one of the Rose’ bottles? Please email reply.

  3. Kelsey J says:

    Hi! When will this be available for purchase? I love it!

  4. Sara Kate says:

    Is this print going to be available for purchase? I can just picture it above my bar cart!

  5. Ann says:

    Can’t wait until you have more prints for sale! Visited NYC last summer…really wanting one of your wonderful watercolor prints!

  6. I LOVE this print! I hope you make it available for purchase! I included you in my newest post:

  7. Philippa says:

    I love these! You have a very pretty blog :)


  8. Neca Wren says:

    I was just wondering if/ when this may be available for purchase?

  9. your work is so beautiful! i just loooove watercolor…even more now that i’ve met you. :)

  10. marni says:

    i would love this print also!

  11. Jeanie says:

    I hope it is available soon for purchase, I love it too!

  12. KT says:

    I really hope you do add this to your summer print series! I love it!

  13. caitlin says:

    Hi Kelly- I am thinking of adding this to my summer series of prints….please check back in a few weeks!

  14. Is this going to be available for purchase?

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