Gone Swimming

We are going on vacation today! To my parent’s beach house in Bay Head. Excited to ride some rusty old bikes, stand in line at the bakery, and take Alex to the beach. This will be her second year there, but of course last year she was too little to play. This year we’re going to build sandcastles, eat ice cream, and put her little feet in the ocean. And try to avoid a sand eating situation.

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  1. LAURA NORTON says:


  2. engquist says:

    I just saw this and smiled. I live on a Mediterranean island and daydream that my life is like this, even though I live nearly an hour away from the beach. Plus, I just love your style…you’re helping me to hone my own style and technique. Thanks!

  3. Jennifer says:

    How did I miss this most perfect summery illustration? Don’t forget Dorca’s!

  4. Ashley Faye says:

    Love this. My house is in Lavallette, but I spent years working in Point.. Frankies & The Ark! cheers.

  5. Linda says:

    If you don’t eat sand once how do you learn what it tastes like? :-)


  6. Grandpa says:

    We are here and waiting!

  7. A. says:

    See you at Mueller’s!

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