Fall Wardrobe

Now that the temps are dropping (eh, kinda), and it’s fashion week, I am thinking about fall clothes. Summer is over, and it’s time I trade in my white Levi’s cut-offs for printed silk pants, and my racerback tops for floral button-downs. I saw these two beauties on the street this week, and they will be my inspiration. I mean hello, a bright Hermes headscarf with pastel floral shirt and tweed skirt? Perfection in seasonal transition dressing. And I’ve never seen a stripe I can’t get on board with. 


Part of me wants more of a streamlined look ala Carine. Ok, I did not see Carine this week, but she’s so amazing that when I saw this pic on All the Pretty Birds I had to paint her. She is flawless!! So, which look would you go with….

2 Responses to “Fall Wardrobe”

  1. Cookie says:

    These ladies are perfect for watercoloring! In all likeliness I’d go with Carine’s look but I really do admire those who wear fun, bright prints.

  2. Margi says:

    Thanks Caitlin, you have inspired me! I’m going shopping tomorrow.

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