Country Life

Last weekend I went up to Millerton, NY with a group of girls to celebrate my friend Kyla’s final days as a bachelorette. It was a lovely weekend in the country. We ate…and ate…and ate. Our host Julianne’s kitchen had cool ceramic drawer pulls, and a ton of orange Le Creuset pots and a bright orange colander- here it is with asparagus ready for the grill. We had every cheese and cracker there is.

We went to an antique shop where this clarinet caught my eye. I have never seen a yellow as bright as the inside of this case- it was blinding. I just love the idea of carrying around a suitcase with a clarinet in it. A weird two toned flower.


6 Responses to “Country Life”

  1. Lauren says:

    Hi! Love your work :)

    Carrying around a suitcase with a clarinet in it is really not as exciting as it sounds!

  2. Elisa says:

    Sounds like a lovely weekend! Made more charming by your gorgeous art :-)

  3. Your new website & blog is sooo beautiful!! Just lovely!!!

  4. Jan's camera says:

    Hi, your paintings are beautiful and happy.

  5. Ceciia says:

    Oh how charming! Love your work! xo

  6. Andrea Smith says:

    Yay!!!! you are posting again!!!! I am so happy!!!!! Keep them coming….

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