Big (scale) projects

Every once in a while I do some GIGANTIC watercolor paintings. To tell you the truth, the prep for these is more difficult than the actual painting. These were done for Ralph Lauren last week. There were 5 and the largest one was 48″x96″ (!) Usually when I do something that large, I have the paper cut professionally at this crazy studio/workroom called Duggal on 23rd st. This time I was like, it’s Sunday, Duggal is closed, I can totally cut these myself. So I rolled back the rug, rolled out the paper, secured it with some books (and a couch cushion!)

HA! On my last cut, the paper tore 1″ into the 96″ side. Off I went to buy another roll of paper. Then off I went on Monday, with a 20lb roll of paper balanced on my daughter’s stroller to Duggal. At the end of the day, my paper was cut, and I was ready to start the five paintings.

It was a crazy few days, but it all came together. I have to say that every time I am challenged do something huge, or do anything that is out of my comfort zone, and I do it, it gives me more confidence for the next time.

But maybe I was a little over confident of my cutting skills :) Now I know for next time.


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  1. Diane says:

    Just found your site via Style Court, and I just love your work. Color! Yes! ii have a tip on big watercolor paper. I got this from a friend who was a NYT illustrator. Use really heavy weight watercolor paper, and then there is no taping, no buckling or wrinkling. It’s still. I have used it and it really works, and you can cut it with a mat knife, but the edges are so beautiful, if you leave them. I wish I could remember the weight, but I cannot. But, I bought it at Pearl Paint in Manhattan, so you should be able to talk to them about it, and look at some. It has to be stiff enough to not buckle when you stand it on the ground, thicker than card stock, and not as thick as cardboard. It’s pricey but a joy to paint on.

  2. Marysia says:

    Those are amazing!

  3. Meredith says:

    These are gorgeous! What size brushes do you use when working this large? Anyway, your work is amazing!

  4. pam says:

    just came across your work — saw on of your prints in Matchbook Mag — love everything and this series is beautiful

  5. sari says:

    These are incredible. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Caroline Crisp says:

    Beautiful Caitlin! If a trip to Greece isn’t possible…looking at these might be the next best thing!

  7. Love these! You are so talented!!

  8. margi says:

    makes me want to take off for santorini, love them Caitlin

  9. deb ferguson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing some of your process. I admire you and love your work. This post made feel better about having torn the paper at the 1″ mark! Keep it up, and please keep sharing your process. You are an inspiration.

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