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Wardrobe Issues

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Last summer while pregnant, I wore long flowy dresses every day. The summer before that (and EVERY summer before that), short little patterned dresses. I mean, what’s easier than throwing a dress on?? Nothing I tell you! There is no thought involved. This summer however, is different. When I am not rolling around on the floor at Appleseeds, I am bending over to pick things up that Alex dropped on the floor, crawling after her up the stairs, or just getting down to her level for a smooch.

It’s time for shorts, I’m afraid. I loathe shorts. Always have. But now I am in the market for them. Not lacy tap pants from Zara (which are sooo adorable), but something slightly longer. The other day, I was in a store that some might describe as tween, and I saw some hole-y denim rolled up cut offs that were the perfect length. I had been thinking about going back to get them ever since. Until I saw this chic mom. Ugh. This one would surely never be caught dead in cut offs. What to do? Maybe white denim would be more simple, elegant. Or highly unflattering. Will try some on and report back. Until then, I will be wearing my  jeans in the sweltering heat.


Lonny Love

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Ohhhhh how much do I love Lonny this month????!! There are no words. There’s my little flag. I was particularly smitten with John Dransfield and Geoffery Ross’s home. What style!  When I worked at Ralph Lauren I was fortunate enough to visit their design studio/factory. Imagine having a team of seamstresses just ready to whip up whatever pops into your head. What a dream.

Today I will be playing in the grass with Alex and coming inside every now and then to go through the issue. Is that a perfect Sunday or what.